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11 March 2007 @ 06:59 pm
Kingfisher airlines is better than others, that's what I think. But I had a bad experience with their booking/cancellation policy. I booked ticket, on day before yesterday, for tuesday. Today, when I wanted to pre-pone it for tomorrow (monday), I am told that I need to pay extra 3300 bucks, where as original ticket was 3000 bucks. Ok, I pay them and get the entire thing pre-poned.

Out of curiosity, I checked the their site and realized, I could have bought a fresh ticket for 3000 bucks. What does it mean to me is, rescheduling cost me more than the cost of ticket available normally. I got upset with this, I am not really able to understand the Maths going on there. I called them to ask if I want to cancel ticket, I am told I wont get refund except taxes, which is less than 50% of total ticket cost.

I guess, I lost 3000 bucks spent on buying the ticket and also paid 300 for my stupidity. I should have checked their site before I asked them to reschedule.

It feels bad to see, how 3000 bucks are gone in two days and how some companies make policies which are totally biased. I guess, it only happens in India.
Current Mood: sadsad